About “The Labyrinthos”

The name Labyrinthos was taken from a video game, Xenosaga. In the game, it was the name of a dungeon in a planet called Miltia, where the heroine probes deeper into the mystery behind the story of the game. It was there where they learned the truth of her birth, the purpose of the destruction of the planet, and many more. And all these were concealed within the very walls of Labyrinthos, hidden from the prying eyes of innocent citizens.

Though the name is a complete tangent to the purpose of this blog (which is to explore the new media and its technology, as a class project for the subject “Computer-Assisted Investigative Reporting”), the story behind the name fits the issues that will be discussed in this blog.

As we delve in further, we will find ourselves in a labyrinth of information. Our only way out is through understanding these information given to us.

And our victory: practice.


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