Alissa; alive and dreaming

March 25, 2010 at 08:27 (CAIR Class Entries)

“I’m a mixture of an awkward bunch. And honestly, I really don’t know what else to say,” she laughed, “I guess I know one thing for sure; I’m alive,”

Alissa, like most people, is both the easiest and the most difficult person to understand. But let’s get into those juicy bits when the time is right. For now, we will settle with a little insight on what she is rather why she is.

If you happen to pass by a girl carrying a storybook, a script, and walks in quick, little strides when she is alone; chances are, you have probably seen Alissa somewhere in this campus. If you notice, she is sometimes alone or seen hanging out with a group of friends. One would question why, but if you are that random person walking past her, you probably wouldn’t bother asking why. It is, after all, none of your business.

Yet, if you are that curious stranger, you would wonder of a great many things about her.

“I like reading,” she replies, clutching her book close to her.

As a self-proclaimed dreamer, she finds fictional worlds to be very fascinating. Her fantasy and science fiction books are her escape into these fictional worlds, where (she claims) she would be able to become the character and live their lives at every turn of a page.

“I’ve always wanted to know how life would be if I were to wear a different pair of shoes everyday,” she explained, “My books, especially, give me unusual shoes to fit on. They range from war-torn, bloodied greaves and boots to tech-enhanced sneakers that rockets me into the sky,”

But when asked about academic books (the anathema to most students in universities);

“I wish I could read it, I really do,” she grinned, “Do I sound convincing enough there? Maybe not. I’m just amazed that Miss Anita actually enjoys reading such books,”

It’s not surprising that she does not enjoy reading them, as do most university students, which shows the difference between herself and her lecturer. But one thing is certain; they both enjoy reading.

But her hobby can’t just be that, now, can it?

“Video games. And music,” she said, “Those, and the books that I read. They are my gateways into these worlds,”

And like the curious investigators we were, we asked about what she does in there. Wearing those unusual shoes can be interesting, but does it really stop there?

“I dive in, experience, and dive out,” she explained, “And like the ‘journalist’ I aspire to be,

I ‘report’ my experiences,”

As a student studying Journalism under the University of South Australia’s Degree programme in Taylor’s College, she instills her lessons into her imaginary adventures. You would probably think ‘news reports’ from these adventures of hers, if you were that blunt. But looking at it from a different angle, you see it as a story. Think fiction books.

“I’ve written plenty, but I’ve only finished short ones. The long ones are still in progress,” she paused for a moment, “They are still in progress, unfortunately,”

When asked about publishing these stories, Alissa amuses us with a story of her own.

“I joined the MPH writing competition back in 2005. Wrote my story, went past the word count by a wee bit, and submitted it.

But I was disqualified

I didn’t know how to put ‘double-spacings’,”

Yet, that did not stop her from writing her fictional stories. Everyday, it was a different idea, or a sequel to an idea she subscribed from days before. Everyday, she traveled from world to world. It must be fascinating, we’re sure, but there are times when reality calls.

So what about actual journalism?

“Though I’d love to report stories like Miss Anita’s adventures into the jungle to report a plane crash, I don’t think I could see myself doing that,”

Alissa planned to try working with the media, but not for long. She had other plans in mind.

“I’ve been working as a part-time tutor at my old tuition centre, teaching English to primary and secondary students there,” she replied, “I didn’t think I would like the job at first, but after teaching for a year, I started to think seriously about pursuing teaching,”

It was a curious option, considering that many people look to mass communication for the glam and being in the scene. So, we probed in deeper.

“To be honest, I think journalism is like living on the fastlane. Everything passes by you so quickly, and all you really can do is just run and run. Before you know it, you’re already ahead of so many people, and you find yourself waiting alone up there before they blow their whistle and tell you to run again,” she explained.

“That’s not the life I want,”

Being the dreamer that she is, Alissa prefers a slow-paced life, the kind that allows you to stop and smell the flowers around you. Her love for these little things inspires her to teach the world of things that people are beginning to stop noticing as the fastlane stretches on.

“Well, there you have it. My hobbies, hopes, and dreams in a nutshell,” she giggled, “It really doesn’t matter what happens later on. The most important thing that I will always remember will be this:

I’m alive,”


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